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Daily Medieval is the blog of Tim Shaw.

Although I fell into the IT world about 20 years ago, my education and interests were always those of a medieval scholar and enthusiast.

The University of Connecticut at Storrs has an interdisciplinary program in Medieval Studies that requires you to study in one major (4 courses) and two minor (2 courses each) subject areas. I did an MA (English Literature, History, Germanic Languages--Old English, Old Icelandic, Middle High German) and then a PhD (English Literature, History, Art History) but stopped in the early stages of dissertation writing because I was offered a decent job in IT.  It was and is a terrific program with professors who have created a cross-departmental collegial atmosphere that makes being a grad student there not just fulfilling, but fun.

DailyMedieval began as two things. One was a challenge to myself to produce a blog with a daily post on some aspect of the Middle Ages, in which I would offer some non-mainstream (not about King Arthur or jousting) topic each day in a small, digestible amount.

The second purpose was to establish a source on the Middle Ages that would attract a following and establish my bona fides as a medieval scholar, in preparation for the eventual appearance of my first novel on the Middle Ages. In early February 2013, I became seriously ill and had to abandon what was a consecutive run of 260+ posts. As I recovered over the next few weeks, I spent the time in final preparation of the manuscript, and on March 1, 2013, A Death in Catte Street (A Geoffrey Chaucer Mystery) was published by and distributed to major e-book outlets such as Apple's iBook store and Amazon. A Smashwords link now appears on the blog page.

DailyMedieval has been a misnomer, but I am now (December 2018) recovering again from surgery for several weeks, and have time to devote to research and writing. I wish to commit myself to the second novel in the series, to be called A Year in Oxford (51,000 words as of November 2018, and it promises to be MUCH longer than the first). I hope to do "double duty" and let my constant research for the second provide me with fodder to keep the blog going.

I also post a link to the blog each day to Google+ (, to Facebook, and to my Twitter account (@TShaw50). If you are on Google+, feel free to add me to a circle. If you have a particular interest in medieval topics yourself, let me know: I'm trying to create my own circle of those who care about medieval topics.

I will gladly turn this from a lecture to a dialogue. Comments and questions are welcome. Each blog post has a Comment link at the bottom, or you can send me a question via my email.

Thanks for stopping by!

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